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Bellizzi Tree Service selects the best well seasoned wood for our customers and supplies firewood all year around. You want a great fire that lights easily and burns long and Bellizzi Tree Service provides the highest grade and best burning wood which has been cut and split anywhere from 6 to 12 months prior to burning season. Our seasoned and firewood bundles or cords have a moisture content of 20% or less.

Softer woods make for great ignition. We choose and have a varied selection of woods - We promote the delivery of mixed wood for ease of ignition. Soft woods will pop and crack more, and the harder woods burn longer and have a gorgeous flame, and greater heat output capacity. By combining the soft with the harder woods, your fire with start easily, burn longer and produce more heat if you are seeking the fire as a heat source.

We can supply wood for all your fire burning needs. Everyone has their unique needs, and how much wood is often determined by how much you may need to supply the coming season and with very little left over. It’s best not to have a large leftover for the reason of critter control. A nicely stacked pile of wood is an invitation for snakes and pack rats as well as roaches and other critters. The American Standard for a unit of wood is a cord. A cord measures eight feet wide by four feet deep and four feet high, so in other words, 8x4x4.

Bellizzi Tree Service supplies firewood in a full cord, half cord or quarter cord.  We always stack wood in the truck when delivering, that way you know you have received a true cord, half or quarter cord of wood. For an additional fee, we will stack at your location with unload. It’s important to find an ideal place for your wood to be stored. One of the most ideal places to store firewood is in the garage, on a porch or against the house.  However, the ideal location to store wood is away from a structure, as to not allow for critters, as noted above.  Also, wood against a structure can cause moisture to accumulate.

Be Fire Safe


A Defensible Space Movie from Cal Fire

We are indebted to the California Department of Forestry for the following safety information that we present here for your use. If you live in an Urban Interface area (on the edge of forest, wild lands, etc.) you should make sure your home is properly protected from wildfire.

Click on this line for Cal Fire's Defensible Space Flyer.

Here's a Homeowners'' Checklist from Cal Fire.