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We Always Provide Best Care Within All Of Our Services

Bellizzi Tree Service brings Integrity, Experience and Competence to every job. 

Withe a wide range of services, provided to our valued customers, Bellizzi Tree Service can help with tree trimming, tree shaping, tree removal, stump grinding, root pruning, tree aeration,  air knifing, hazardous tree removal, emergency storm damage response, and firewood, which includes providing seasoned firewood.


Making homeowners' properties fire safe, in urban areas is our specialty. It is particularly smart to begin pruning trees during the winter. It is much easier for a professional to recognize what needs to be cut and removed verses what should stay. The other advantage is that the trees are dormant, and won't mind the cutting. They will bounce back in spring to delight of the owner as they do every season.  

Ornamental trees should be pruned to remove competing branches. Weeping Cherries, Flowering Dogwoods, Orange and Apple trees, and others have a tendency to send branches in many different directions. It is our job to decide where to prune. Bellizzi Tree Services brings a wealth of experience, to every pruning task, to achieve a beautiful appearance and to encourage further growth.

For the most part plants have two kinds of growth: Terminal branches and lateral branches. Each branch has one terminal bud at the very end, and many lateral branches along the sides. The terminal buds grow in an outward direction away from the plant. Left uncut they just keep growing in the same direction, and the plant grows tall and very thin. When you cut a branch on a plant, the plant sets new buds just below where you cut. When you remove the terminal bud, the plant will set multiple buds. This is how we help to make a plant nice and full. All in the right direction.  


Unnecessary stumps can be an irritant, especially when they sit within a beautiful well landscaped yard. Weeds and plants start growing on them, and they are especially difficult to mow around and to improve their appearance. Most people want a clean looking yard possible, and stumps can definitely get in the way. Not only that but they can be hazardous also.  They can be tripping hazards.

Because there are different types of tree stumps, there are varying techniques that can be applied when removing them. Bellizzi Tree Service experts are prepared ahead of time and know exactly what techniques and methods work best for the removal of stumps fast and effectively. The age and the size of the tree matter when it comes to stump removal. The older a stump is, the easier it can be to remove. Also if the stump is from a tree that was not fully mature, or smaller, it will also be easier to remove. All tree stump removal services at Bellizzi Tree Service are guaranteed and priced according to the individual job and the time it takes to complete the work.


When storms come, and bad weather hits, along with earthquakes and other catastrophic events, trees can fall and block streets, driveways, land on homes, garages, and cause significant damage.

Bellizzi Emergency Tree Removal Service is prepared to mobilize crews and equipment for emergency services with hazardous and storm-damaged trees. The Company is knowledgeable and fully equipped to handle the emergency needs of customers quickly. Within a 24-hour period Bellizzi Tree Service will assess each individual situation and recommend the best course of action. Bellizzi can get the clean-up going with a crew that will begin the procedure of clean up and repair.

Even if your trees do not exhibit obvious damage after a weather event or no immediate emergency exists, it is important to have your property inspected by a certified Bellizzi Tree Service expert who may detect symptoms and conditions that could lead to future issues.