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Solar power is produced by using photo voltaic cells to capture the energy of the sun and convert it into electricity.  The basic unit of the system is the solar cell, which are connected together into panels. The panels are what you see installed typically on the roofs of homes and businesses.  They absorb power from sunlight shining on them. But the panels can also become just like a cloudy window.  When dust and grime leave a residue, the production of electricity is diminished. 

For a Solar System to work at optimum peak, it needs sun light and of course to be free of dust and grime. The average home or business owner finds it difficult to do roof height areas and simply lacks the specialized equipment; manpower and time are needed to complete this project. Bellizzi Tree Service, a leader in solar cleaning, is committed to do the job with excellence.

Contact Bellizzi Tree Service for a free estimate or to schedule a  solar panel cleaning treatment. We support energy efficient systems and utilize green products.  Ask about our own Solar System. Safety is our #1 priority along with doing a great job for our clients in a professional manner.

"Treat the Earth well.  It was not given to you by your parents.  It was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children."

- Native American Proverb